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Meet Us


We are Shelia Mills and Ashley Mills Foster, a mother-daughter baking team from Greenville, South Carolina.  We come from a long line of Greenville natives and enjoy serving our community. We have always shared a joy for baking and have worked to harness our natural skills with professional cake, pastry, and cookie classes. We have attended the past two CookieCons, where our creations were featured. We are so excited to share our passion for sweet treats with you!

Meet Ethel Mae

Ethel Mae.jpg

Ethel Mae is the matriarch of our family, our grandmother/great-grandmother. Ethel was a classic southern grandmother, making countless biscuits while her grandchildren shared tales from their day at her kitchen table. She made delicious dinners and treats for her family as a way to show her love.  However, if you asked for her recipes, you were going to get the measurements in "handfuls" and "pinches," because she just had a natural knack for it all. Ethel was a woman of grace and kindness that never failed to lend a helping hand. She is the source of our finest family traditions and forever in our hearts.

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