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It's never too early to start an order with us! 


Custom Orders usually require at least two weeks of notice, if we are not already booked. For large or more complicated orders, please allow three to four weeks of advance notice, so that we can order specialized supplies, bulk ingredients, etc. 


Orders are not considered final until full payment is received.


A Rush Fee ($25 for 3 dozen or less, or 20% of base price for over 3 dozen) applies to orders finalized and paid in 7 days or less before pickup/delivery, if we are available to accommodate your order.

Please submit your information through the form below, and we will reach out as soon as we can. We do not take orders over the phone.

Please include a brief description of what you need, as well as details about your event/theme, color palette, and quantity and/or sizes needed.  Feel free to e-mail us photos or links to your inspirations at  While we cannot copy other artists' work, but will try to stick as closely to your inspirations as possible.

Thank you for submitting your request! We try to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

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